Wednesday, January 22, 2014

UNTV Introduces Drone Technology for Daily News Reporting in the Philippines

An unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV), commonly known as drone, is an aircraft without a human pilot on board. (Photo from Businessweek)

While others use drone technology for terrorism and warfare, UNTV - Your Public Service Channel, on the other hand, has been using the said technology to deliver news and help save lives.

In retrospect, UNTV established a news and rescue team in 2010 called Tulong Muna Bago Balita. UNTV is also first in the Philippines to deploy Rescue Drivers: Tulong Muna Bago Pasada that advocates prioritizing rescue first so that victims of road accidents or crimes will have a better shot at survival. Although other TV stations followed, UNTV remains steadfast in rescue operations on a daily basis, nationwide.

Part of the station's advocacy is to use the latest technology for public service. UNTV CEO Mr. Daniel Razon addresses that the station will continue to use technology in order to help more people.

UNTV's news and rescue bureau will soon be using water drones as well as unmanned aerial vehicles that can carry life buoys (and perhaps, relief goods).

Once again, UNTV raised the bar in news reporting and proved once more that while it still is a fairly new TV station in the country, it is indeed a great innovator in Philippine news reporting.

Thursday, December 12, 2013

Isang Araw by Kuya Daniel Razon, a Spoiler-Free Movie Review

Isang Araw Movie Review Daniel Razon
"May Isang Huhusga sa Lahat... ISANG ARAW" a film by Daniel S. Razon

Four years after Kuya Daniel Razon's directorial debut film, Isang Araw Lang in 2009 comes the second installment with the title, ISANG ARAW (One Day). This time, it's bigger and has definitely surpassed its viewers' expectations during the premiere screening on November 28, 2013 at the Grand Ballroom Plaza of Sofitel Manila.

A Brief Background on the First Movie

Kuya Daniel Razon plays a fictional version of himself. A former military officer who turned his back on war and faced a humble life as a jeepney driver. He then became a silent public servant in so many different ways. With an orphanage to support and friends from the jeepney drivers' union that runs to him for help, Kuya Daniel often gives away even the smallest morsel (which he could have kept for himself) in order to help others in need.

The Main Plot

Kuya Daniel's friend, Police Colonel Cuevas (Emilio Garcia) is now missing. Ka Rene (Rene Jose) is now a Mayor, and Congressman Ricardo (Rey PJ Avellana) is now more powerful than ever; thanks to his scheming wife, Anette Nepales (Jackie Lou Blanco) who seems to have no limits in controlling everything and everyone with her massive amount of wealth obtained through treachery and corruption.

Kuya Daniel, together with his two hasty sidekicks Johnny (Robbie Packing) and Bayani (Bayani Agbayani) follows a trail of misfortunes and challenges that will gravely test their characters.

Get Ready for a Ride in Kuya's Jeep

If an emotional rollercoaster ride is your cup of tea, you will sip to your heart's content with this film. Be ready to laugh: witty banters and slapstick comedy is in the house. Be ready to cry (watch out for Ms. Daria Ramirez!). Be ready to witness political drama - Filipino style. And most importantly, be ready for lessons that you may have not heard of in the past. 

Isang Araw can be described as a book with an uncomplicated cover, bearing pages that contain mind-blowing revelations of monumental proportions. The movie touches various social issues and different realities that will make heads shake in disgust, fire up the embers of an aggrieved heart and pierce through anybody's hard shell. 

Isang Araw is a gift, an eye-opening treasure wrapped in a poor man's cloth so that a downtrodden, lowly person would not be intimidated to receive it.

On Digital Filmmaking in the Philippines

The visual effects of the film is one of the many things that surprised the audience during the premiere night. Kuya Daniel used some of the most advanced technologies available in digital filmmaking, and it seems that some of those effects have never been used in Philippine cinematography before.

Seize the Opportunity... to Do Good.

The evening of the film's premiere screening was also the same evening when Kuya Daniel Razon was celebrating his 30th year in public service. It was also the night when Kuya Daniel won in Rappler's Do More Awards as The Luminary to which he campaigns to always grab every opportunity that we have to do good.

After the screening of the film, yours truly was able to catch up with Mr. Public Service himself - and this short video tells what he has to say about being given an opportunity to do good:


The film's proceeds will support various public service projects that Kuya Daniel Razon operates on a daily basis through UNTV 37 ( Catch the screening of Isang Araw on December 16, 2013 at the PICC; first screening starts at 4PM.

Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Daniel Razon Awarded at PAMS 8th Epic Awards for Public Healthcare

Good Morning Kuya Daniel Razon UNTV
Good Morning Kuya - a public service morning show hosted by Kuya Daniel Razon, operates daily free clinics nationwide, as well as regular medical missions and feeding programs.

Name one proponent of various public services that aren't only innovative but are also consistently being executed and there's no other person than Daniel Razon. A Doctor of Humanity and dubbed as Mr. Public Service - he is a big brother to a vast number of people because of his no-nonsense approach in public service.

Popularly known as simply "Kuya" (Filipino for 'elder brother') in his one-of-a-kind public service morning show Good Morning Kuya - which operates Clinic ni Kuya daily (with satellite clinics all over the country), as well as regular medical missions and feeding programs; there's no wonder why Kuya Daniel was chosen to be the recipient of the 8th EPIC Awards for Public Healthcare by the Philippine Academy of Medical Specialists (PAMS).

The award was given to Kuya in recognition of his pioneering and exemplary work in public service in relation to rendering better health care and services nationwide. In his morning show, he humbly expressed his gratitude to PAMS.

"Salamat po sa mga organizers, sa lahat ng mga bumubuo ng Epic Awards - 8th Epic Awards... salamat po sa inyong pagkilala. At sa amin, lagi ang sinasabi po namin: kung may nagagawa man tayo, tayo po ay nagiging maliit na instrumento lamang... at wala naman tayong magagawa kung di naman tayo gagamitin din ng nasa itaas... ang gusto lang natin sana, ang dalangin natin, sana eh magamit pa tayo [no] sa iba't ibang mga paraan kung ano man yung pupuwedeng mapaggamitan sa atin. [At] ilambot lang namin ang aming mga sarili to be vehicles and to be instruments para kung ano man po yung puwede naming magawa habang meron pa tayong lakas, habang may buhay pa tayo at habang yung tuhod natin eh nakakatayo pa [diba] para bago tuluyang mapudpod eh at least magamit natin. Kaya po ang lahat ng honor, glory eh dapat po doon sa talagang may ari at [saka] yung gumagamit po sa atin. Salamat po sa Dios sa lahat po ng mga pagkakaton na binibigay satin to be a small instrument para sa ating mga kapwa tao. Salamat po."

(Thank you to the organizers, to everyone in Epic Awards - 8th Epic Awards... thanks for your acknowledgement. As for us, we always say: if we're doing anything, we're just being small instruments... and we cannot do anything if we won't be used by the one above... what we hope for, what we pray for, is that we will be utilized in many different ways regardless of what it is that we'll be used for. [And] we'll just soften up ourselves in order to be vehicles and become instruments so that no matter what we can do, while we still have strength, while we're still alive and while our knees can still hold our weights [right and] before they eventually wear out, at least we are able to use them. Therefore all honor, glory should go to our true owner, the one who is utilizing us. Thanks be to God for all the opportunities we're being given to be a small instrument for our fellowmen. Thank you.)

He will be celebrating his 30th year in public service this coming November 28 and you may greet him through Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or Google+ with the hashtag #KuyaDANIELat30.

Also, Kuya Daniel is a nominee for's DO MORE AWARDS. So don't forget to cast your vote if you support Kuya's advocacies! You may also visit and like Kuya Daniel Razon's Facebook page to see the latest about Mr. Public Service and his projects -

Monday, November 18, 2013

YAKULT - God’s grace to Ang Dating Daan members in Naga Naga during Typhoon Yolanda

Ang Dating Daan members typhoon Yolanda survivors Eli Soriano Daniel Razon
Yakult: A probiotoc drink that helped Ang Dating Daan members get through typhoon Haiyan / Yolanda. Boxes of Yakult drifted to the Ang Dating Daan Locale in Naga Naga, Tacloban City while members did all they can to survive the storm surge.

Before the tempestuous typhoon Yolanda (Haiyan) hit the Philippines, Brother Eli Soriano and Brother Daniel Razon of Members Church of God International called on to its brethren to evacuate their homes and stay at the locales or coordinating centers of Ang Dating Daan for shelter. It was a warning that the members followed.

So how does God take care of His children during perilous times? Here’s one example. This is a real-life story as told by one of the survivors of the recent super typhoon Yolanda that ravaged Tacloban and neighboring islands in Visayas, Philippines.

Below is a transcript of an interview with Brother Roseller Tabao (which the author of this blog had the chance to speak with last Saturday after he and his family offered Thanksgiving to God in Ang Dating Daan Convention Center in Apalit, Pampanga). Bro. Roseller Tabao is a member of MCGI (Ang Dating Daan) and was at the Locale of Naga Naga, Tacloban City Philippines when super typhoon Yolanda made its landfall.

Die Volger: Paki kuwento niyo po ang naranasan niyo noong bagyo.
(Please tell us what you experienced during the typhoon.)

Bro. Roseller: Huwebes noon, dumalo kami ng prayer meeting sa locale ng Naga Naga. Yung gabi na 'yon ng Huwebes, hindi na kami umuwi kasi may nakapag sabi na malakas ang bagyo - signal #4. 
(It was Thursday, we attended prayer meeting in the locale of Naga Naga. That Thursday evening, we didn’t go home anymore because we were told that the typhoon will be strong – signal #4.)

Ginawa namin, nag stay nalang kami dun sa locale ng Naga Naga kasi matibay ang bahay at may second floor. Nung umaga nagsimula nang lumakas yung hangin, mga 6:00 na. Pagdating ng 7:30, may tubig na dumating na mabilis tumataas - ang ginawa namin, lumikas kami sa second floor. 
(What we did was we stayed at the locale of Naga Naga because the house is durable and there’s a second floor. In the morning, the wind started to become stronger, around 6:00 am. By 7:30 am, flood came and rose quickly – we moved upstairs to the second floor.)

Inabot ang second floor ng tubig. Ginawa namin, giniba namin ang kisame para dun kami umakyat sa kisame. Nagtulong-tulong kaming mga lalake na maiakyat ang mga kapatid - mga matatanda saka mga bata. (Minuwestra ni Bro. Roseller na nag formation sila na parang pyramid upang makaakyat ang mga kapatid sa kisame.)
(The flood reached the second floor. So what we did was we destroyed the ceiling so we can move there. The brothers worked together to move everyone up – the elderly and the children.) Bro. Roseller demonstrated how they built a human pyramid so that other members could climb up the ceiling.

Pagdating namin sa kisame, binutas namin yung bubong. Kasi, pag inabot ng tubig yung kisame, lalabas kami sa bubong. 
(When we were at the ceiling, we tore the roof. We thought, if the flood ever reaches the ceiling, we will escape out to the roof.)

"We tied each other together..."

Yung apo ko, kasama ko - dalawang taon at kalahati. Itinali ko na siya sa katawan ko - tinalian ko narin ang misis ko. Maski anong mangyari, hindi kami maghihiwa-hiwalay. 
(My grandchild was with me – two and a half years old. I tied her in my body. I also tied my wife with me. Whatever happens, we will not be apart from each other.)

At saka yung mga kapatid na iba, pinagtatanggal narin nila yung mga wire ng kuryente; sabi ko - maski anong mangyari, magtali tali tayo lahat para hindi tayo mahirapan hanapin ng mga kasamahan natin na maghahanap kahit ano pang mangyari satin pag inabot tayo ng tubig. 
(Our other brethren, they made use of dead wires; I told them – whatever happens, let’s tie each other together so that rescuers won’t have a hard time finding us if anything happens once the flood reaches us.)

Lahat naman kami, nagtali tali. 
(We all bound each other together.)

Awa ng Dios, bumaba ang tubig. Kasi ang taas ng tubig umabot yata ng 20 feet. Awa ng Dios, mga 9 ng umaga, bumaba ang tubig. Nagpasalamat kami kasi naawa ang Dios sa amin.
(With God’s mercy, the flood descended. Because the flood reached 20 feet, I suppose. With God’s mercy, around 9am, the flood lowered down. We thank God for His mercy upon us.)

A Miracle: Probiotic Drink, YAKULT

Die Volger: Ano po ang ginawa niyo pagkatapos non?
(What did you do afterwards?)

Bro. Roseller: Yung locale ng Ang Dating Daan Naga Naga kung nasaan kami, pinasok ng kahon-kahon na Yakult! Yun ang pinaka tubig namin kasi umaga, tanghalian, wala kaming pagkain. Gabi na kami nakakain ng lugaw. Ang pinaka pagkain namin ay Yakult. Kasi wala talagang tubig.
(The locale of Ang Dating Daan Naga Naga where we’re at was drifted with boxes of Yakult! That served as our water because during the morning and lunch time, we had no food. It was not until evening when we had porridge. Yakult became our food for a while. There was no water.

Die Volger: Saan po nanggaling yung mga kahon ng Yakult?
(Where did those boxes of Yakult come from?)

Bro. Roseller: Galing sa kabilang warehouse. Nagibang warehouse.  Yung mga Yakult pumasok sa locale. Hindi namin kasalanan yun kasi ang nagdala dun ay ang baha.
(It was from a nearby warehouse. A wrecked warehouse. Those Yakult were drifted inside the locale. It wasn’t our fault because the flood brought us those.)

Die Volger: Ilan po kayo sa locale noon at nagkasya po ba yung Yakult sa inyo?
(How many were you in the locale and were the Yakult sufficient?)

Bro. Roseller: Nasa 40-50 katao kami sa local. Yung pumasok na mga Yakult ay sobra-sobra pa para samin. Habang naglilinis kami ng locale, ang iniinom namin ay Yakult!  Mga 10AM, wala nang baha.
(Around 40-50 persons were at the locale. Boxes of Yakult that drifted in were more than enough for us. While we were cleaning up the locale, there we were drinking Yakult! Around 10am, the flood already subsided.)

Die Volger: Ano po ang kasalukuyang sitwasyon sa Naga Naga Tacloban?
(What’s the current situation in Naga Naga Tacloban?)

Bro. Roseller: Sa ngayon, ang locale sa Tacloban kailangan paring linisin. Hindi pa sana ako pupunta dito (sa Maynila) kaso may bata akong kasama (apo ko) at yung paligid eh sobrang baho na dahil sa dami ng mga patay. Kasi ang mga patay, nasa tabi ng kalsada, nahahakbangan na namin ang mga patay pag naglakad ka. Hindi maalis ng hangin ang amoy kasi kahit saan umikot o umihip ang hangin, amoy patay saka walang ilaw.
(Right now, the locale in Tacloban still needs cleaning up. I wasn’t supposed to come here yet but I have a grandchild with me and the surroundings were extremely foul-smelling due to the number of dead bodies. Dead bodies are in the street, you can literally step on them if you take a walk. Wherever the wind blows, there’s the smell of dead bodies and there’s still no electricity.)

Salamat sa Dios dahil sa Kaniyang pagliligtas at sa pag-iingat Niya samin sa mga oras ng sakuna.
(Thanks be to God for his deliverance and for taking care of us during those hours of calamity.)

Bro. Roseller and his family now reside in Rosario, Pasig City. He became a member of Ang Dating Daan (Members Church of God International or MCGI) last July.

Ang Dating Daan members typhoon Yolanda survivors Bro Eli Soriano Bro Daniel Razon
Bro. Roseller Tabao, 57 years old with his wife. Two among many MCGI / Ang Dating Daan members who offered Thanksgiving to God last Saturday (November 16, 2013) for surviving the tempest of super typhoon Yolanda.

Thursday, August 22, 2013

On Rape Cases and Bro. Eli Soriano's Advice to Victims

(Photo from The Red Phoenix)
Why would GOD allow crimes to happen? With shaken faith, a person asked Bro. Eliseo "Eli" Soriano about crimes like rape and human trafficking. The person's question revolves around God's justice and how come justice doesn't seem to be served to the victims of child prostitution, sex slavery and rape. Bro. Eliseo Soriano, a known televangelist for his TV program, Ang Dating Daan (The Old Path) answers rather frankly and truthfully based on the Holy Scriptures. But before finding out what Bro. Eli has to say about the matter, let's take a look at certain facets of rape:

RAPE in the Philippines

According to the Philippine Commission on Women (PCW), rape remains to be the most rampant form of violence against women (VAW) especially in a country where culture factor and social stigmatization linked to chastity is present. The worst part is the reality that not all rape cases or sexual assaults are filed accordingly; hence, more than enough perpetrators remain at large and maybe preying on their next victim as you read this.

Many (if not most) choose to keep silent because of the shame and fear that comes with the ordeal of taking their affliction to court. A lot of victims would rather keep it to themselves, fearing what other people might say or think about them.

With Great Power Comes Great... Chance to ASSAULT?

In an article written by Ina Alleco Silverio about the rising case of VAW, it is said that an average of 38 cases of sexual molestation, rape, prostitution, VAW and e-VAW are reported to the authorities (Gabriela, PNP, DSWD) every month in 2011. In a span of 9 months, 9% of the cases have perpetrators that are men in positions of authority (military, police, the clergy, or political office). Sad part is, the numbers are increasing. Here's an excerpt from the article:

"In the 471 cases that Gabriela handled from January to September 2012, some 58 were cases of rape, eight of which involved men in uniform or persons of authority as perpetrators. Of the 58 rape cases, 28 cases involved minors as victims."

When Males Get Raped

Gone are the days when rape, sex trafficking, sexual abuse, molestation and domestic violence only occur to women and young girls. Nowadays, it happens to men, women and children of either gender.
Republic Act No. 8353, known as the Anti-Rape Law of 1997 also describes rape as: "By any person who, under any of the circumstances mentioned in paragraph 1 hereof, shall commit an act of sexual assault by inserting his penis into another person’s mouth or anal orifice, or any instrument or object, into the genital or anal orifice of another person."

Males can be raped when they're unconscious, or when they're forced by someone stronger. Males can be raped when they're threatened by someone in authority or power. Males can be raped especially when they're minors or underage who are helpless and easily intimidated.

Case in point: The Daniel "PUTO" Veridiano SCANDAL. It was 2004 when about 15 underage boys mustered enough courage to expose the satanic homosexual maniac, Daniel Veridiano a.k.a. Puto for raping and sexually molesting them under his power and authority in office.

The victims were young, weaker and powerless. The demonic Puto used his power and strength against his victims' will. People say the victims spoke of it too late; but what can you do when you're underage and fearful of a powerful man? Can you do much if you were in their shoes? I bet my month's worth of salary you can't either.

Rape is rape and everyone can become a victim. No amount of words can explain the grief and psychological impact it may bring to someone who suffers from it. Regardless of your ethnicity, age or religion - it's always difficult to comfort a victim of such crime. But have faith, there's always good news for all.

An Advice to All Victims of Rape and Sexual Assaults

Bro. Eli sends a consoling message to all victims of sex trafficking, rape, molestation and any form of crime who - at this point have not seen justice yet:

"...we must not doubt God’s justice. Victims of evil will be rewarded justice in God’s perfect time."

However, for someone who's hurting or in grief, it may be difficult, frustrating and debilitating to wait for justice. But that's where faith and trust in God becomes very helpful.

Bro. Eli Soriano says that the problem with many of us is that we only consider what is ‘now’ and what is ‘seen’. This is very true especially in the eyes of those who are not aware of what lies ahead, or to those who are non-believers. But if only people will get to know more about the genuine teachings from the Holy Bible, you will perfectly understand what Bro. Eli means when he says:

"God is eternal; and there is eternity that comes ahead. Surely, every evil act will be punished and every victim will be comforted."

If you seek comfort or consolation, please take time to visit for video archives of Bro. Eliseo Soriano's answers to life's diverse questions.