Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Experience is NOT the Best Teacher

At this age, I can say that I've already experienced a lot of things - beautiful and disgusting, harmonious and chaotic, good and bad. We're always told that "experience is the best teacher" but really... is it?

I thought about a child who grew up in a harsh environment wherein his father would hit him whenever he's drunk and his mother would nag all day long because there's nothing to cook in the kitchen. Frustrations would pile up and like a ticking time bomb, a massive explosion would erupt any time, but for as long as it isn't time to explode yet, the tension only continues to build up. I can only imagine growing up in that kind of household. It would have been quite a traumatic experience for a child - and what do you think that kind of experience would teach him?

I say, growing up in that kind of environment may or may not bring out the best in a child. When that child grows up, there's a fat chance that he will be emotionally and physically strong. But on the other hand, it may produce the roughest edges out of him due to those emotional scars his childhood experiences brought to him.

In this article called "Experience is a Good Teacher but the Lord of the Bible is the Best", we are given an insight on how wrong the saying "experience is the best teacher" truly is. Experience is a very good teacher, but without the guidance of God's teachings, our experiences - especially those tragic and sorrowful ones may bring out the worst in us just because we don't understand some things, and these things that we don't understand may lead us to destruction - destruction of our own lives.

Our experiences truly play a great part in shaping us as a person, but to be correctly guided is what molds us to become well-rounded, loving individuals no matter how horrible the experiences we've been through in life. With this thought, I'll leave you four words tonight: Be strong, stay guided.

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